Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Laws and Inlaws

An event that had the potential of turning out very bad, in the end was a lot of fun.  The event, of course, was the simultaneous visit of both my parents and my in-laws!
My in-laws drove up from George, and my parents flew down from Johannesburg.  We realised how privelaged we are to having both parent still living, and doing well.
I spent most days just showing them around, driving up the coast, and taking them to our shopping metropolis - Vredendal!  I think a saw a glint of sympathy in my mother's eyes.

There will still a few stray flowers left for viewing. 

And we did the obligatory visit of overindulgence at the Muisbosskerm...

And Steve's place at Jacobsbaai...

Fish and chips at Paternoster...

Contrary to photographic evidence above, we did more than just eat.  On the final day of their visit we drove through the Weskus National Park.  It is turtle season, so the driver had to keep her eyes on the road.  And snakes...


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  1. Jissie fotos is pragtig, lyk of dit baie baie pret was!