Monday, 25 July 2011

Namibia Part 3 - The South

We decided to spend the next night at a Lodge in the Zebra mountains.  We found the place in one of our travel books, and one of the selling points was the good cooking of the hostess.  We had some nice river crossings, and finally entered a farm gate. 
  As we were driving in I saw a farm house on a koppie. I said to Hennie he must flash his car lights at Carl-Hein that we can turn around, as I was not staying in the farm house for R900 a person a night. As usual Hennie is not prone to over reacting, so he travelled on.  Soon we encountered the sign below and it set my mind at ease.  Obviously other people have been scared away before...

 We had a bit of a "twilight zone" experience at the Lodge.  After we extended their welcoming drink to four drinks by filling up our G&T's from the car, the host joined us.  He soon decided he needed to catch up and by dinner time he was thoroughly drunk.  Also, it transpired that him and his wife acquired the Lodge from the previous owners some two years ago, and that our guide books were out of date.  It was obvious that his wife did not have the cooking skills of the previous host.  All and all the stay was not bad, and it was nice to have a warm shower and a clean place to get dressed, and to sleep in a bed.

Stromatolites (some geological formation)
 We decided to sleep the next evening at the Seeheim hotel.  It is probably one of those things you have to do when in Namibia.  The place is however not "wheelchair" friendly, so I stay put in the bar most of the time.  What an interesting place, with lots of pictures of the history of the town of Seeheim and the hotel itself.
Train bridge at Seeheim
 Then we decided to call it quits, and dropped Mari-Louise and Carl-Hein to do the rest of the trip on their own.  It was just too difficult with the crutches, as I realised I was carrying way too much weight to drag along and my arms were killing me.
Crossing the Orange River back into South Africa

About 25km from home we cross the Olifants River, normally on a low-water bridge.  However, when we got there the bridge has disappeared under the water, and we had to take a small detour home.  It was great to get home, but I was sad that I missed probably the most important place on my agenda, namely Luderitz and Kolmanskop.  I hope that we will get the opportunity to go back there soon.
Olifants River

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