Tuesday, 31 May 2011


 I am probably living in the most peaceful town in the most peaceful area, but I have however not yet stopped stressing, and feel my life is extremely hectic.  In the past I worried about multi-million dollar transactions going wrong, about bogus BEE transactions, and political interference in my job.  Now I worry about whether the washing will dry as I do not know what the weather will make, and have not seen sunshine in about a week.  I worry about where I will store the month worth’s of groceries that I have to buy but only have one small rack available in the kitchen.  Worry about how to iron the clothes when I have about 3 different leads just to get power to the iron.  I worry what I am going to put in Hennie’s lunch box in the morning.  Please don’t laugh.  This is what my life has boiled down to currently, and I promise you it feels just as stressful!!!

Kogmanskloof, just outside of Montagu
We came down in my car, packed to the roof.  We first travelled to Hennie’s parents for a brief holiday, before taking the R62 (scenic route), to Strandfontein.  It was a beautiful drive.  I wished we had time to stop and enjoy, but it took us about 8 hours of driving just to get here.  We also explored a new route, which panned out to be about 150km dirt road, that was not always in such a good condition.  Once again just an indication not to believe everything that is printed in a road map!

After three days being stuck at the house, Hennie was gracious enough to leave the car that I can drive the 50 km to Vredendal, to the SPAR for shopping!  I had to take a salad to someone’s house that invited us for dinner.  My biggest shock was when the SPAR had no cherry tomatoes, spring onions, celery etc.  It was a very sad salad that I presented at dinner.  I just could not believe things can be so bad in this very fertile Olifantsrivier valei.

The weekend we drove back to Cape Town, and flew back to Pretoria Friday afternoon.  We arrived at 15h00 and did some “speed packing” before going for a lovely dinner at Adri & Anita.  Saturday morning saw us in the shops for last minute shopping, such as chains and locks for the trailer, a spare number plate and a few more camping stuff.  Hennie left around noon, and my parents showed up at our place to spend the afternoon, night and Sunday morning with me.  I felt terrible when Hennie left to drive almost 140km on his own.  And then my dad and I gave him a few last minute road changes which resulted in Hennie almost getting lost before he even left Gauteng!

I was fortunate with my planning as Michelle had time to come and say hello on Saturday afternoon.  She is back in SA to pack up their belongings.  It was GREAT chatting with her, and I think they have a very interesting and fun time ahead.  We just cannot compete!  Also managed to get an additional 25 litre water can from her as I am not sure they will need it for camping in Spain.

We had a teary mothers day breakfast,  before I flew down to Cape Town the afternoon – with the said water can as hand luggage.  I attended a wind conference in Cape Town on Monday and Tuesday, and was then going to drive my car that we left at the airport the previous week, back home.  Tuesday night on of my beloved ex-colleagues managed to get me invited to a “kuier” with mainly Nedbank staff.  We went to Brass Bell in Kalk Bay.  Lize, you will remember this place.  We went there about 15 years, ago, when the interior looked about 30 years old.  Have to admit that the interior has been redone since, but that we sat at the exact same table as 15 years ago.  I had the most fantastic abalone linguine, and best of all, the bank paid.  Arrived back at the hotel just after 12, and when they found out it was by then  officially my birthday, we had to go for another round of drinks!  It was the latest I got in bed in a long time, but it was so much fun!!!!

Saterday morning started with a bit of a mishap.  I received my racing colours- orange.  Trust me to side-swipe the MOST orange car in South Africa.  Manage to do some serious damage to my car,  but the other car was 30 years old and made of solid steel, thus I merely removed his indicator and the top 3 layers of about 50 layers of orange paint on his car.  You cannot even see any silver on his car!

Having thus got most of the bad news behind me I no longer had the luxury to travel up the coast to each and every town from Cape Town to Strandfontein, but had to take the main routes.  Did some speed shopping at the Vredenburg Mall (my closest Woollies).  (Had to stock up on cherry tomatoes!) Another birthday present was that when I came to the dirt section of the road, the grader just finished grading the route.  I have to travel ca 65km dirt road (the short-cut home).  There are two toll roads on the dirt road, the ONLY official dirt toll roads in the country.  It is expensive but worth your while.

I got home quite late in the afternoon, but was so happy to be home and back with hubby.  Then he told me he has managed to invite 3 other people to our house for dinner on Thursday. Two of the three people he does not even know.   Well, Nerina’s always up to a challenge, and since I have not yet had time to learn to cook, I decided why not start that day.  I made lamb shanks – the first time in my life.  Must admit it was not that good, but it was definitely also not bad.

This morning I tried to clean the house after last night, and also do some laundry.  No-one told me it is Friday the 13th, because then i would have just stayed in bed.  The washing machine outlet pipe pulled out of the basin and ALL the water (yes, ALL the water) run out on the floor.  So by the time I wanted to go fetch the laundry I walked about knee deep into the water in the kitchen (ok, slight exaggeration, but almost as bad).  And since this is not my house, where I have spare old towels etc to dry off the water, I had to use a mop.  Took about 3,5 hours.  Can barely stand up straight tonight.

Sorry for my complaining, I KNOW i have absolutely nothing to complain about, just difficult to break the habit.

 Keep well and miss you all!!!

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